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Supercharge your team's Elasticsearch capabilities with our powerful assistant bot. Seamlessly integrated with Slack and Teams, and up-to-date Elasticsearch documentation.

Use Cases

With Gigabot, you can quickly find relevant commands, create Elasticsearch queries, and identify issues in your queries.


Gigabot provides valuable tools and guidance to streamline your Elasticsearch workflow, from query creation to data analysis, and offers features such as self-hosted options, links to documentation, and the ability to troubleshoot and generate Elasticsearch queries.


Resolve issues with your Elasticsearch cluster or queries


Quickly create Elasticsearch queries for your application


Learn about Elasticsearch and how to use it effectively


Find new ways to use Elasticsearch to improve your application

Slack and Teams

With both Slack and Teams integration, Gigabot is where your team is


Run Gigabot on your own infrastructure with our self-hosted plan

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