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Elasticsearch experts based in Silicon Valley, with experience developing and deploying complex search applications and large production Elasticsearch clusters.

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Scale with ease

Optimize your Elasticsearch cluster to reach petabyte scale and beyond. And do it cost effectively.

Use best practices

Ensure your cluster is consistently performant with industry-standard, battle-tested, best practices.

Eliminate bottlenecks

Stop throwing money at the problem and learn what’s really causing your search or ingestion bottlenecks.


Our engineers have worked with Elasticsearch since it came out. We can help you with every aspect of Elasticsearch, from setting up initial settings and mappings to scaling cost effectively.


We’ll make sure your cluster will remain performant at over 10x scale.

Custom Development

Integrate Elasticsearch into any code base, in any language, on any cloud.

Search Relevance

Craft a great search experience, ensuring your users always find what they need.


From cluster instability to slow indexing performance, we’ve seen it all.

Elasticsearch Upgrades

Never stress about breaking changes or a painful, risky upgrades again.

Provider Agnostic

We can help no matter where you host Elasticsearch.

Our Process

Whether you’re getting started with Elasticsearch, or have a cluster with hundreds of nodes, we can develop and implement solutions that work for you.



Speak with our principal engineers to review your Elasticsearch use case and issues. We provide some meaningful optimizations that you can easily implement at this stage.



We dive deep into your cluster configuration, Elasticsearch queries, and code base, meeting regularly with your engineering team. We then deliver you a project plan.



We work with your teams to implement the project plan. Our level of engagement can range from providing feedback and training to your team, to full implementation.



At this point, we are intimately familiar with your cluster and use case, so we can provide effective long-term support with suggestions tailored for your use case and data cluster.


Hear how Gigasearch has helped companies like yours use Elasticsearch effectively.

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